The Holy Paladin’s Plea

Dear Blizzard,

I have many characters, but my heart belongs to the craft of holy paladin healing. In an attempt to reclaim my love for it, I have rolled a little paladin and intend to level her as a healer. However, as I am leveling her, I have noticed a bit of a problem. It has nothing to do with quest content or anything like that. No, the content is lovely. What I have noticed, however, is a lack of healing mail and plate in the early leveling range.

Do you have any idea how hard it is for us to find gear that is not leather or cloth with +INT on it in the 10-60 level range? It’s next to impossible, at least until we hit level 40 and elemental/resto shaman are capable of wearing mail, when we can (finally) have access to mail gear with intellect. Right when we receive a bonus for being decked out in plate.

Now, I understand that out of all the plate-wearing classes in all of Azeroth, paladins are the only class that might even so much as look at mail/plate with +INT on it. Even then, it’s only the one spec that truly utilizes it. However, some of us fully intend to level as healing paladins. Most of us intend to do so through the LFD tool you provided us with. We work best when we have the proper gear to do our job with. We can’t take advantage of the bonuses you provide us with if we don’t have access to the gear in the first place.

Some people might argue that it doesn’t matter at lower levels. If you were to ask me my opinion, these individuals are liars who have never had to heal an entire dungeon with the incorrect gear. It’s painful. Yes, a lot of people at lower levels are decked out in heirlooms anyway and it hardly matters, but what about the people who are fairly new to the game who don’t have a higher level character to get the heirlooms in the first place? Besides, the whole point of leveling through the dungeon tool is to get us used to our toolboxes so we can learn what works and what doesn’t in various situations. Everyone else has the benefit of the proper gear for their class and spec type. We do not, and it makes me sad.

I know you don’t have anything against us personally, Blizzard, but it almost seems like you do.