The Great Server Transfer

As we all know, Bioware has been making some interesting changes lately to SWTOR. One of these seems to be making mega-servers, and, to accomplish this, they have been offering us free server transfers to certain destination servers of their choice. Honestly, I didn’t think that Lord Adraas, the server I’ve had since launch in December, would ever be touched. I had been under the impression it was one of the larger RP servers, and, if anything, would have been a destination server.

Turns out I was wrong somewhere, as, last week, free transfers opened up from Lord Adraas to The Ebon Hawk.

Up until my guildies mentioned something to me over Twitter, I honestly had no idea this was something that was open to us. Because I had these strange beliefs about our home server, I didn’t even think it was a possibility. However, we collectively decided to make the leap and move over.┬áTo my surprise, the server transfers went through very quickly, despite the quoted time for each transfer being about an hour. In about ten or fifteen minutes, I had all of my girls moved over and everything was just as I had left it. Bioware, if you ever happen to stumble upon this and read this post, thank you again for the speed in which all the transfers happened. I loved that I was able to be online and playing again in a matter of minutes as opposed to a few hours.

There were a few renames I had to do, of course, but that was to be expected. I was saddened that I lost both the unique names I had associated with one of mine, but I was able to claim her surname as her Legacy name on the new server, so I was still able to keep a piece of her (thankfully; she wouldn’t have been the same, otherwise). However, my guild was also faced with the unexpected dilemma of choosing a new guild name. To be honest, though, I like our new name better than our old one. >> Hail to JOUST Squadron!

As of today, new servers are open for transfer, so check the list to see if your server is on there. Yours might become a destination server, so if that’s the case, see who might be coming to join you. If you’ve made the decision about server transferring and are faced with similar problems like my guild and I were, Anexxia of Inquisitor’s Roadhouse has some wonderful tips┬áregarding choosing new names for yourself and your Legacy and some fun ideas for new guild names, so be sure to check those out.

I will say, though, that it’s nice seeing a ridiculous number of people on the Republic fleet. I’m so used to there being only a handful of us there. :( It was kind of lonely.

2 thoughts on “The Great Server Transfer

  1. I’ve also moved the majority of my SW characters to new servers. I only lost two names as well (one of which I didn’t even remember the original besides the fact it had some e’s and l’s in it… whoops).

    Since SWTOR allows dashes and apostrophes, it also makes it easier to give a character a similar name. The name Kelden was already taken on Ebon Hawk, so I renamed her to Kel’den. Not quite the same, but it’s close. ^_^

  2. If the character I had lost the name on had been anything other than a human, I probably would’ve gone with the apostrophe or dash route. I know some humans in the Star Wars universe have them in their names, but doing it with my trooper didn’t really feel right.

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